The Magic Heart


       the Spiritual Secrets of Bali

David’s —

           Spiritual Adventures

David's —

Balinese True Life Adventures

— An Accident in Bali

    There is a story of a young Balinese man who was driving his car through his village, which was located in the northern mountains on the island of Bali. . . . .

— Made and His Bike

    Summer of 2003, Made, (pronounced; Ma-day), the youngest son of the Balinese family who had adopted me in 1993 when I was living in Bali,

— The Magic Forest

    May ’94. Nine people all crowded into a six-passenger transport. Slowly we made our way along the pot-hold back roads of Bali.

— Lilith

    About two morning latter when having breakfast in a local wrong, which is a Balinese cafe in the rice fields, a woman came up to me and asked, "May I join you?" . . . . .

— The Magic Mountain

    It was nearly midnight on the full moon, in June 1994.  Six people in a tired old transport were driving along the back roads of Bali heading for the temple on top of the Magic Mountain. . . . .

— Bali an Island of Calm

    When the bombings occurred in Balli they did not do battle with the bombers. They realized that the tao of the people was out of balance. They were living in their heads not their hearts . . .

Elephant Trek

    The warm tropical sun beat down through the dense foliage as we rode our elephant up the steep mountain trail in the jungel of northern Thailand. . . . .

Samurai Warrior

    Several days after our elephant trek and having completed our boat ride along the Mekong River between Laos and northern Thailand we returned to our transport for our return to Chiang Mai

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Naga the Dragon

    We had just completed ceremonies at the temple of Pura Watu Klotok on the southeastern shore of the Island of Bali. We were leaving parking area when we saw in the clouds the shape of a large dragon. . . . .

     Bali is call the island of the gods, the dawn of civilization. It is a magical, mystical, and spiritual garden on earth. Every day over four millions people of the island live in peace and harmony from their hearts, in service first to God, then family, village, and others. Everything is done from their Divine Hearts in peace and oneness that is always free of all judgements.

    Their religion is based on a variation of Indian Hinduism that has been over laid on their  spirituality based lost ancient spiritual mystery of life.

     Their spiritual belief is that everything, in the universe, including people is created from the same energy from the same source - God. They believe that everything lives in peace and balance except people. The focus of their life is to live in harmony with the energy of life as their teacher and guide.

     When they are in harmony with life they are in the state of Oneness with God the Creator.


     The Bainesse  who live on the island of Bali are the only collective that still lives and practice the principles and rituals of the lost ancient spiritual sacred mysteries of life.       

     They have an ancient physical spiritual appreciation of life, where everything including their ceremonies, music and dance is created in the art of spirit that reflects these values.

     The energy of life, God who is both a male and female in a non human form is their guide for their religion is not a philosophy it is a way of living in oneness free of all judgements.


    Flowers are very important to the Balinese for they symbolize the home of the spirits of their ancestors when they visit earth and their family.

  They use flowers in all their ceremonies as well as offering and prayers as a way to always honoring their ancestors. They know that without  their ancestors they would not be here.



     If the priest feels there is is physical, spiritual or emotional dis-ease in a village they will schedule a special ceremony to check to see if the village is out of balance. It is the dance between Barong and Ronda the good and dark energy of life.


    There can be no battle between good and evil for good never does battle. The battle between good and evil is simply the battle of evil against evil.

    To regain balance remember in dong battle you are adding more dark  and chaos to the situation. The only way to find peace is to add the light of love to the darkness for light overcomes darkness.

     Keep adding light and inner peace will arrive. continue to add more light and peace will return to the people and add more light and peace will return to the land.

Peace is an inner path

The Balinese temple prayers are to help the Balinese to to live in peace free of all judgements in service to God, family and community.


    In 2002 and 2005 the bombs went off in Bali. The Balinese responded in love as they remembered that their outer world is a reflection of their inner world. The bombing told them that they had more darkness in their hearts then light. So they responded to the event with the light of love and  kept adding more light till one morning between Christmas and New Year, 2009, peace and calmness returned to the island is it became an island of clam surrender by a sea of chaos

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     One day when Pam and David were talking about life. Wayan who takes care of their home in Bali stopped them and said, "You talk too much about energy, fear and love. We have a simple modle we use for it is all that is needed.

Balinese Model for Inner Peace.

We are here to learn to live

as physical spiritual beings.

When things are in front of us

that we do not like we do not get angry

or push them away.

We reach out and put our arms around them.

We then pull them into our heart with love

as we lift them up and give them to God.

God instantly transforme them to Peace

and we continue on in peace.  

                                                          Wayan Nuadi


     The Bali ese life if based on the ancient mysteries of the four stages of life. They have special spiritual ceremonies of celebration as one passed through the different stages.

     There are four stages of spiritual life. Stage One the child. Stage Two the parent and teacher.  Stage Three the search for the path to the garden of eldership and spiritual wisdom. Stage Four living in the spiritual garden of life.

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     The Balinese believe that souls and spirits can be found in all things. As a result everything the Balinese do throughout the day is done as part of a spiritual ceremony of the pure celebration of life.

     They are not required to study the sacred books or follow a set of religious guidelines.

     Their life is all about celebrating life in the rituals of dance, music, and crafts, which is are taught by the family and the activities of the village through the experience of living their belief.

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     To the Balinese the purpose of life is to lead a good enough life so that when they die they will be instantly reborn as a Balinese. If they lead a very good life they will be reborn to the same village. If they lead a really really good life they will be reborn to the same family.

     The the key to life for a Balinese is the energy of life is their teacher. When we live in harmony with the energy of life we live in oneness with life - God.

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