The Magic Heart


      The Balinese Spiritual Dragon.

                                  By David Cooper

                                              September 2013

September 2013.   My wife Pam, Kabayan our Balinese healer and spiritual guide, his wife, our driver and myself had just completed ceremonies at Pura Watu Klotok Temple, which is located on the eastern - south shore of the Island of Bali. 

As we were the leaving parking area we saw in the clouds the shape of a large Balinese dragon with two additional dragons in the background. We stopped and took this picture.

The name of the dragon is Naga Basuki.  Naga means the spiritual dragon. Basuki means the process of healing and aligning of the physical spiritual and emotional aspects of our self. When the dragon appears in your life it is to show you where you are on your spiritual journey from your head to your heart.

The dragons often appear in groups of threes. Note that in the clouds above and beyond the first dragon there are two additional dragons. This coincides with the story of the Balinese Dragon which is the representation of the Goddess Durga. As Durga, the dragon has two other aspects. When there is fire coming out from the mouth of the dragon it is Kali the transformer. When there is Divine Energy coming out of the crown on the head of the dragon it is Paravita who is Shiva’s wife, the Divine Mother. In Christian religion Lilith is the dragon and often travels with her two sisters. 

If there is fire coming out of the mouth of the dragon it signifies that you are living in the world of duality and trapped in the battle between good and bad. This dragon is an aspect of Durga called Kali. When you try to slay the dragon, as the knight in shinning armor, the fire will become more intense. If you continue to do battle with the fire your fears will continue to intensify till the struggle ends in your death. The second option is to run from the dragon and live in denial trapped in the battle of the duality of good and bad.


There is a third option for dealing with the fire. Simply realize that the energy of the fire is our personal Spiritual Directory called the Kundalini energy, which is awakening within us. It message is tell us, “it’s time to shift from living in the duality of our ego to living in our heart in love …. free of all judgments.”

As the fire of the kundalin begins to burn upward within our body it activates the fear-based patterns, which are locked in the cells of our body. Our journey is to total surrender all our fears to God. We then can walk through the events in love without judgments for all that is happening. When this happens God will transform our fears to peace. With peace comes the arrival of Paravita the Divine Mother to bless us.

In Bali the Dragon is also the protector of water for without water life on earth cannot exist.  The temple we have just visited is the temple of the dragon and is located on the beach directly south of Besakih the Mother Temple of Bali (photo to  at the right.) The temple is located on the side of the volcano called Mt Agung. Agung means The High Doorway.

In addition the dragon is the keeper of The High Doorway between the physical and spiritual worlds, which is the gate to the Sacred Garden on Earth. The dragon opens the gate and welcomes those who have completed the journey of the third stage of their life. The search for The Garden. The dragon also keeps those who are not ready to enter the garden from entering.


The connection of the energy of the ocean and the Mother Temple creates the sacred Beaskih energy of the transformation. Note the similarity between the words Basuki the dragon and Besakih the name of the Mother Temple.