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David's passion is to explore new physiacl as well as spiritual adventures and create a journal of his adventures.  When it is approporated the journals are often converted into hard copy books as well as eBooks.

In additon as a photographer he also enjoy capturig and sharing his special photos to which he often adds sacred wisdoms of life.

Hope you enjoy the books.


Book Two

The Mariner  - 2019   $20.00 + shipping

Are you tired of blaming the chaos in your personal life and the world on others, hoping that people will change and there will be peace? If so The Mariner is the book for you.

In the early Are 70's David began to search for peace in his life. By the late 80's, he was still living in chaos. Giving up his old life in 1990 he set off on a ten-year quest to find the ancient keys to inner peace.

His journey led him to the outback of Australia, the mountains of Brazil, Bali, and Northern Thailand, where he lived with indigenous cultures who lived everyday in peace from their heart. There he found the keys to walking the inner path of peace.

David with his beloved Pam now live the keys of inner peace that forms the foundation for this fictional story of The Mariner. If you choose to follow the keys they will help you find the peace and love you seek...if not, it's still a good story.


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Book $24.50 incliuding shipping and autograph.

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The Mystical Mountains

of Banff

Photos and Photos about Life


Tthe Ancinet Mystery of Love

The Journey from

Oue Head to Our Heart

Book One

A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide

To Planet Earth 1997   $20.00 + shipping

In 1975 David was sailing with his family in the Bahamas in an effoft to save their marriage. As they sailed he realized that he was able to always sail in harmony with the energy principles of nature.

Thus the question, what are the energy principels that will allow him to live inharony with his beloved and others in his life. Unable to find the inner peace he sought, in 1991, he retired and moved to Bali where everyone lives in harmony with the energy of life.

The Spiritual Hitchhhiker's Guide sets forth the story of his single focus quest to find peace with all of life. In addition the guide explains tells who we are, why are we here, what we came to do, and how to do iti. It also shares The Universal Principeles that control our human behavior and how to live inharmony with them

The Principles as set forth in this guidebook forms the fondaton for the keys for walking the inner path of peace that are shared in his recent book of The Mariner.


Available only from from the author...

Book $24.50 incliuding shipping and autograph.

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