A true-life adventure by David Cooper

Before reading this story,

be sure to read The Magic Forest . . .

     About two mornings after our visit to the Magic Forest I was having breakfast in a local wrong, which is a Balinese cafe in the rice fields. A woman came up to me and asked if she could join me. In Bali this is standard procedure if you would like to have someone to talk to while you eat. So my response had been, 'Sure.'

My high was still very intense from my recent adventure, and the conversation quickly shifted to our full moon midnight meditation in the Magic Forest.

     Finishing my story she responded that she was in Bali as a presenter at a workshop on The Shadow Goddess. The Goddess that men and women both fear. The workshop focused on how men need to surrender to and support woman to help her give up her warrior role and takes on the role of the Divine Feminine. Once woman take on her Divine Masculine energy she will be able to surrender more totally to man as he takes on his role of the Divine Masculine.

     Her next comment confused me. "Hearing your story my feeling is you'll always be able to keep your center with Woman. You have learned to love them the way they are, and you do not have any need to control or fear them, no matter what they do to you. For you just met and held your center in the presence of the Divine Feminine."

     Still not understanding what she was saying my request was for more details. She went on to explain. "In Bali the dragons carry the secrets of the Balinese ancient religion. What you thought were owls were in fact very special dragons.  They generally travel in a sacred triad of threes. In Christian terms one of the dragons was Lilith. The other two were her sisters. Together they are the three faces or aspects of Woman—child, adult, elder.  Most ancient religions have similar archetypes."

     My question was, "So who is Lilith?"

     The pieces all began to fall into place as she shared the story of Lilith. How in the Christian religion she was the original Eve in the Garden of Eden. She like Adam was created from Mother Earth. However she became very upset at Adam for he kept forcing her to take the role of being beneath him. she knew that woman needed to be on top and thus able to lift man up to a higher realm.  

     Lilith knew the secrets of spiritual life and that the role of the goddess was to be as a full an equal partner not a servant. Only by woman being in a state of Divine Love through Sacred Union with a man is it possible for them to take the journey of physical/spiritual time/space transcendence—the journey of wholeness and inner peace………..the journey of enlightenment that leads to ascension.

     Adam would not change, so Lilith left the garden and became the dragon-faced angle. Since that time both Man as well as Woman feared her, for she was a total physical representation of the Divine Feminine who is always centered with God in a state of Divine Love.  

     Her story seemed right for since 1991 my exploration had been into the Ancient Cultures of South East Asia and the Aborigines of Australia. Each ancient culture has similar stories about the dark goddess.

     She continued her story of how many who saw her feared her as a very powerful dragon. Thus the big test. If a man can stay centered in her presence, with a silent mind and love her unconditionally with his heart no matter what, instead of trying to slay the dragon, she will transcend into the white goddess, for she is the Divine Feminine. The same will happen when woman give up their anger towards man, giving up their mental head, they will become the goddess of Divine Love.

     Leaving the woman and the warung the message in my heart was, the Universe had created another magical healing ritual to help me to understand the ancient mysteries of life and to move another step along the path of the healing of my inner and outer pain with women and find the inner peace that I was seeking..

     Walking back through the rice fields to my bungalow a deep Ah Ha arrived as I envisioned a new version of the story of Adam and Eve.

     With the departure of Lilith, Adam became lonely. He asked God for a new partner. So God took a rib from Adam and made Eve. When this happened Adam no longer felt whole, for a part of him was missing. At the same time Eve did not feel whole for she realized that she was far more than a rib from Adam.

     They were no longer happy in the Garden where all that they needed was provided for them. They then met the snake and the tree of life, and ate of the apple of the knowledge of good and evil. There were then expelled and thus began the battle of the sexes and the search for their lost or severed self and inner peace  began.

With this new insight which was one hundred and eighty degrees from my old belief locked into the wisdom that Jero had shared with me that first time we met. If you are still searching for peace and love you must first give up everything you have been taught and all the books that you have read. For you are in your mid fifties and if they were the path to the inner peace you would not still be looking.

He then took me into his family temple and cleared my energy and inducted me with the energy of Divine Love…..the love of God of which all life is created.  On leaving the temple is message had been, the energy is now your teacher.  Follow where the energy leads you and you will find the peace that you are seeking.  

          Reflecting back on the trip it was clear that my journey had been custom created for me by the God of Creation. Jero role was not as a teacher but rather as an inductor and guide to help me to physically experience the energy of the God of Creation of which we are created.

     With the message it was again clear to me, true learning can only be accomplished through experiences.  A giant thank you was sent aloft to The Great Spirit for making creating this adventure of wisdom in my life. I now understood that I was being guided to that which I sought.  I only had to let of and let the energy be my spiritual director.

With joy in my heart I sat on the porch of my bungalow looking out across the rice fields entering my latest true-life adventure into my journal.  Completing my entry I moved into a deep meditation. In the past it had been a meditation of wonderment.  This time it was simply one of letting go and KNOWING that all was as it was to be and when I let go things happened in the flow. When I tried to control and create my dream chaos arrived.

So, letting go of another set of beliefs I op