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Chapter 5

Ancient Balinese Hindu





     Full moon, June, 1994.  Six people in a tired transport were heading on another spiritual adventure in Bali--the Temple on top of the Magic Mountain.  The long drive with Kabayan and Karja gave me the opportunity to reflect back on all that had occurred since our visit to the Magic Forest.  Each spiritual adventure of my initiation seemed to create an opportunity for another induction of the energy of Divine Love as well as marking a mile post to indicate my position on my spiritual journey into the Garden.

     Upon Margaret's arrival in Bali our dance had continued.  She had asked me to meet her and her sister at the plane.  When we met her sister gave me a warm hug.  Margaret simply rushed by me about knocking me over.  

     Needless to say it was not easy for either of us.  Still each meetings gave me as opportunities to learn how to hold my center by staying in a witness state, thereby not becoming involved in the old knee jerk reactions and upsets with her.  This created a technique which allowed me to learn to love her from a distance

     One night when in the temple with Kabayan he confirmed that she was having less of an impact on me.  He added that each time there was no knee jerk reaction from me more of that part of my old patterns that use to react would drop away.  He called this the process of dropping density and clearing cellular patterns.  

     Gradually when all my internal patterns were cleared he said there would be no longer any reactions, and at that time Margaret would no longer be needed in my life.  At that time we might totally separate or perhaps create a new kind of relationship which was free of all pain for both of us.

     In celebration of my growth he suggested that we go to the Magic Mountain on full moon, for a celebration.

     We had been driving for over an hour.  It appeared that we had over an hour to go to get to the temple on the top of the mountain.  These back road trips always amazed me for Bali is not that big an island.  However, most of the roads we were on were filled with holes as well as being very steep and narrow, not to mention the temple was located near the top of the second highest mountain on the island.

     Having had the experience of the Magic Forest, needless to say as the trip continued my excitement was intense.  Kabayan had said that to him this temple was more special then the Temple in the Magic Forest.

     As we neared the top of the mountain, and the temple, there was an army office in the road directing traffic.  In addition the parking lot was filed with cars and vans.  Disappointment was evident in my question to Karja, “What's happening?”


     Kabayan  talked to the solder and then reported, “There is a celebration in the temple.  One of the ministers of Government from Jakarta is announcing his daughter’s engagement to be married.  The celebration is in honor of her engagement.”

     My concerns continued for my fantasy had been to have the temple all to ourselves, and to have another mystical experience like we did in the Magic Forest.  Karja sensing my feeling nudged me and said, "Surrender and say yes to what ever is happening."  

     We finally found a place to park.  Walking into the inner court yard of the temple we found that we were alone.  The other guests were all in the outer or public courtyard of the temple which was located on the other side of the trees and jungle that surrounded the temple, and was just below the elevation of the main temple.

     Karja joined me and we sat on the ground in front of the large banyan tree that held the energy and formed the main alter for the temple.  He reminded me that in nearly all Balinese Temples it is the banyan tree that is often the center of the spiritual energy.  The trees roots connect into Mother Earth and it branches connect into Father Sky.  The ancient saying is, as above, so below.  The banyan tree is a symbol of the Sacred Union of Man and Woman--The Tree of Life.

     Kabayan, also being a high priest as well as a spiritual healer, began arranging the offering on the alter that was built into the tree.   As he finished the two high priest of the temple stepped out of the dense foliage that was behind the tree and came to greet us.

     The arrival of the high priests caused the energy to shifted to an even higher spiritual frequency.  The experience became even more beautiful and balanced.  The priest walked with us through the temple and showed us the original three temple stones of the temple which hold the energy of the sacred triad.  He said the placement of the stones dated back to the time of just after Christ.  

     With the full moon overhead, the Gamalon music and background energy of celebration, when combined with the arrival of the two high priest and being in the inner temple all by ourselves the ritual took on an aura of great mystical and spiritual celebration.  

     Karja leaned over to me and said,  "This is God's gift to you for keeping your center with Margaret, and completing this part of your initiation into The Garden.  Even some import people in government have come all the way from Jakarta to add their energy and blessing to the celebration of your success.

     "If you had not let go your idea of what was to happen when we arrived you would be in pain now.  For you would not of been able to see the perfection of God’s plan."

     He was right.  It certainly was a celebration.  In my mind it was in my honor and had been created by God.  Looking up at the full moon directly overhead the words flowed from my heart.  I'll always surrender and say, Yes, thank you God, to all events in my life--no matter what.

     Looking back once again these words were my cornerstone of philosophy.  However living them was still very difficult for the struggle between my head and heart though greatly reduced still continued.

     The high priest of the temple then conducted the Balinese Hindu Prayer.  At the end of the prayers the priest stood in  front of us to give us the blessing of the Holy Water.  He sprinkled it first on Kabayan’s head--three times.   Next he pored some in his hand for him to drink.  

     The custom was to drink the Holy Water the first three times that the priest poured it into your hand.  The fourth handful of water was to be wiped over your face, neck.  The fifth handful was to be wiped over your heart and the crown of your head.  This was all part of a sacred inner and outer cleansing and healing ritual.

     Watching him it became confusing.  He went back again and again for more water to drink--as fast as he could.  Ten times he drank the Holy Water from his hand.  Because my turn was next my thoughts were, is this a new ritual?  How many times should I drink the Holy Water?

     My decision was to go with the sure thing--three sips.

     The priest moved and stood in front of me.  After sprinkling my head three times he poured the water into my hand.  Putting my hand to my lips the water was sucked into my mouth.

     Instantly, as if something had taken over all control of my actions, my hand went out again and again for more and more Holy Water.  

     Each time as the Holy Water passed over my tongue and flowed down into my body there was a feeling of celebration from ever cell of my body.  Each time my tongue would lick my hand dry, and then without thinking my hand would go back for more.  After the eighth time there was a feeling of complete fullness in my soul.  The next two handfuls were washed over my face, head and heart.  

     Instantly my body took on the inner feeling of being completely washed and healed as well as totally alive, strong, vibrant, centered and connected to everything around me.  It truly felt as if God had blessed and turned on every cell of my body to the frequency of Divine Love.

     At that moment all my neediness of any kind was gone.  In fact there was simply a feeling of total peace and agelessness, reflected in a state of internal loving wholeness within me.  Needless to say it was a very special state of oneness with all of life.

     As my focus returned to the ritual it became obvious that Karja was also confused.  For Kabayan I’d drank the water as if we had an ancient addiction to it.  It was much like we had finally found the source, and had been allowed to drink till we were filled.

     Watching Karja as he drank the holy water he had a similar response.  He drank the Holy Water five times.  He looked at me as if he could read my mind and said, "I'm finally full too."

     After completing our prayers and blessing we walked through the ancient temple with the High Priests.  With the temple being in the dense foliage and lit only by the full moon it was very mystical for the energy was so intense.  With the celebration in the outer temple it was truly an energy of the celebration of life.  Where as the Magic Forest had been an energy of initiation into life.

     As we prepared to leave the temple for our drive back to the rice fields the voice in my head said This temple if one of the major entry point of the primary life force energy into the earth.  This temple is a living temple of the Ancient Mysteries of Life--the Sacred Union of life through Divine Love.  

Stumbling blocks are

     stepping stones to . . .

                         our inner still point.