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     Several days latter having completed our boat ride along the Mekong river between Laos and northern Thailand we returned to our transport for our return to Chiang Mai.  As we drove out of the town of Chiang Sean, the driver stopped in a little parking lot beside the road.  Our guide told us we had time to visit the oldest temple in Northern Thailand, before it became dark.

     Entering the temple grounds there was the deep feeling of the ancient.  There were only a few parts of the exterior wall still                                       standing and they were covered by an roof.  It was obvious that the temple was very old.  Upon entering the temple my focus shifted to my right and the alter which was the throne for a large Golden Buddha.  In front of the Buddha was a mat where people could sit and meditate.

     A Monk came toward me to welcome me.  He was dressed in the traditional orange robe of a Buddhist.  He appeared to be quite old.  Yet he also appeared ageless and androgynous. Our eyes met.  We acknowledged each other with a sacred bow--hands placed in the prayer position just below eye level.

     Looking at him a feeling of amassment swept over me.  His entire body, except for his face, was covered with sand scrip writings in the form of tattoos.  He raised his right hand to give me the blessing of peace.  On his palm was also inscribed what appeared to be ancient writings.  My thoughts from the voice in my heart was this man body has  truly been acknowledged as the temple of God.  The secrets of life are encoded on the specific part of the body that holds that part of the secret.

     He walked with me to the little table where they had candles and incense for use in prayers and meditations.  After taking a candle and some incenses he walked with me back to the mat in front of the Buddha.  

     My belief is that there is one supreme God, and that Buddha like Christ were physical manifestation of God. Because God is a loving God what ever kind of church of temple my prayers are offered up in they will be received and acknowledged, as long as my prayers are focused on love.  So sitting in the lotus position on the mat in front of the Golden Buddha, my Hindu prayers were offered up to the one Supreme God.  When my prayers were finished my meditative center shifted into one of a deep meditation.

     Coming out of the meditation, several minuets latter, there was the feeling of someone standing beside me to my left.  Opening my eyes and looking to my life the monk was still standing there.  It was as if he had been holding the energy that allowed me to go into a deep meditation. The feeling was that my visit to this temple and to be in his presence was part of my continuing initiation, for there appeared to be a special energy of Divine Love that was flowing from him to me.  

     As we stood there facing each other there was the feeling of a special induction of energy taking place within me.   Our eyes connected again.  My automatic response was to place my hands in the prayer position.  With a bow a thank you was beamed to him from my heart, for his love, and for holding the energy for me.

     He bowed back.

     Suddenly there was a new voice inside of my heart.  There was no doubt where the voice was coming from.  It was the voice of the monk.  He was speaking through my heart in perfect English.  You have done your work well.  You have worked long and hard.  You are very clear.  I honor you.  

     At first this startled me for it had never peen possible for me to communicate telepathically with another person.  Gradually there came the feeling of, of course, why not, this is the way it is best done.

     Looking into his eyes, the words of my response formed in my heart.  My intent was to beamed them to him in his native language.  I honor the clarity that you are and the secrets that you hold.  The secrets which are encoded on your physical body.  

     The monk smiled in acknowledgment of my message.  We bowed to each other again.  Completing my bow a strange energy took hold of me.  The energy began to dance my body as we stood face to face in front of the Golden Buddha.

     Without thinking my hands created movements and began packing the energy between them like creating a large snow ball.  With a giant smile on my face and a graceful arch of my arm the ball of energy sailed toward the monk.  He saw it coming and smiled.  Catching the ball in mid air his body danced the energy as he made the ball even larger before tossing it back.  

     For several minuets we danced in perfect rhythm and patterns mirroring each other, as we threw the energy ball back and forth.  It was a dance that seemed to come from a part of my ancient lost past.  Yet the movements were totally natural and familiar.  Once again it confirmed that we carry within us all the knowledge of the Universe.  When it is released through induction it is possible for a person to know and do what ever it is that is to be done.  When the learning is mentally through books and or from a teacher one can only do what they have studied providing them remember how to do it.


     As magically as our ancient dance stated it ended.  We bowed to each other and smiled.  Turning and walking though the door to our van there was the feeling that to look back would of broken the power of the moment.  For like life when the dance is finished, it is financed, and one must let go, move on and become a participant in the next dance.

     Driving back to Chiang Mai the magic of the moment stayed with me.  Finally it was possible for me to speak.  My question to my friend Claudia was, "What did you see or sense was happening?"

     She smiled and replied, "I'm not sure.

     Thinking for a moment she continued, “When you sat to meditate the monk came and stood beside you, and a golden energy formed around you and you disappeared.  At that time our driver went and stood in the doorway.  He blocked the other visitors from entering the temple, till you finished your meditation and dance.

     “After your meditation you were golden and the monk was pure radiant white.  

     “When you danced it was the most beautiful dance I've ever seen.  You were always in perfect harmony with each other.  In fact you were so totally connected it was not possible to determine who was leading.  As you danced you both appeared to become transparent.  Yet it was always possible to see you.”

     She concluded her observations with, “Your energy feels totally different now.  He apparently gave you what you came to northern Thailand to receive.”

     For the next 6 hours as we traveled back to our hotel my ride was in silence.  It was a time of simply reflecting on the mysteries of the ancient dance that had taken place and the many miracles of my initiation into the Garden.  Gradually my thoughts shifted to all the past dances of my life that had brought me to this point and place in time.  

     Once again it was clear that each dance had been perfectly orchestrated for my growth and to move me along the path of my life--by forces outside of me.  Based on the many miracles especially in relationship to my initiation the force that was dancing me was the Divine Love energy of God.

     Arriving back at the hotel there came the new awareness.  Each dance in my life had ended at the point when it had reached perfection.  For it was as if God did not want the dance to deteriorate.  Looking back it was clear that it was a series of dances that kept moving me along the path that was created by God for my life.  The pain in my life was always because of my desire to hang onto and continue the dance after the music had stopped playing, thus causing the dance to deteriorate.

     The next morning at breakfast my friend showed me her guide book.  In the book it told that the temple we visited was in fact one of the oldest temple in Northern Thailand.  She pointed to the last paragraph.  It was the temple where the king trained the Samariad Warriors to defend his kingdom from the Chinese.

     Latter that day when writing the experience in my journal, my journal opened to my dream of the night before our visit to the temple.  The message of the dream was--today is the day you will be initiated as a Salaried Light Warrior.  

     At the time the dream made no sense.  Now it was clear.   My life was in total harmony and flow with of the Universal Force that controls all of life.  Everything was and always will be in perfect order.

     Thank you God.