The Magic Heart

Magic Heart

     I begin and end each day with  gratitude to God

for all that is in my life.

Follow the inner path  of

the Golden Light of love to the harbor of peace in your

     Peace comes from within. Do not seek it from without.

     Each day we have a choice. Would you rather be happy or right?

     There can be no battle between the head and the heart for the heart never does battle.

     Love your enemy for they are simply reflecting back to you the patterns that you also carry.

Each day we have a choice. Would you rather be

happy or right?

Stages of love

     Sex - is about the merging of two bodies.

     Conditional and unconditional love - is about the controlling another.

     Divine Love - is love that is free of all judgements, comparisons and expectations.

     Compassion - is the highest form of love. No actions required to give or receive. It simply flows forth like the fragerance and beauty of a flower.

Our Magic Heart

is our direct connecton

to God and the energy of

pre creation.

     Everyone has a physical heart that is the center of our circulation system and sustainer of life within our body.  Everyone also has a Magic Heart, which some call our Sacred Heart that is located in a hidden sacred chamber in the back of the heart.

     Our Magic Heart is the home of the our soul and an essence of the Energy of Creation — God the Creator, which some call our higher self.

     When our soul and higher self becomes as one the back door of our Magic Heart opens. There is a streamer like umbilical chord connected to the opening which connects us to the source of the golden energy of pure creation, Divine Love, which  from the source - God the Creator.

      With the opening of the back door the Golden Energy fills the sacred chamber of our Magic Heart and all the cells of our body and radiates out the front door of our heart to light the path upon which we walk.

     As we deepen our Oneness the Golden Energy with in us it burns brighter as it radiate out from the cells of our body as the Golden Aura of Compassion.

Empowering The Magic Heart

     Opening and empowering the Magic Heart is a non-mental physical/spiritual process. Many call it the journey from our head, our ego, to living in our hearts in the state of Unity and Never Ending Love for all of life.

     As Ancient Shamanic Spiritual Wisdom Keeper and Spiritual Guides, Pam and David use the following techniques to help others find and live in their Magic Heart:

Ceremony of Commitment,

Induction and Cleansing

as well as other Ancient

Spiritual Healing Rituals

and personal guidance.

The Golden Energy of Divine Love

Everything in the universe

is created from

the Golden Energy

of creation and Life,

which flows direct

from the source

God the Creator,


Am I in My Head or My Heart

     When the heart speaks if speaks in short sound bites with forward movement to the message.

     No further questions are needed. Just do it.

     When the head, ego, mind speaks it ramble on and on with more and more questions.

     There is no forward movement.

Follow Your Magic Heart

Our Earth journey is learn to live as a fully empowered physical spiritual beings of love and light who operates in divine love form our Magic Heart, which is the sacred chamber in the back wall of our physical heart.

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