The Magic Heart




     David Cooper, BA in Architecture — From a very early age David had always been interest in the spiritual aspect of nature and why are we here on earth. As  a blue water sailor he learned the Universal Principles of Blue Water Sailing, which if he followed them  his crossing would be safe and in harmony with the elements of nature. he was sailing through. Violate the principles and there would often create problems.

      One day as he was sailing in the Bahama’s in the early 70’s, he wondered if there were Universal Principles for living in the state of inner  peace and harmony with life and all his relationships — business, personal and intimate.

     Unable to find inner peace in 1991he retired and set off on a full time quest to find the answers to his eternal question, how to be at peace no matter what was happening.

     His travels took him to Bali where everyone lives from their hearts in service to God through service to others.  On his arrival in Bali he met Kabayan who guided him on his journey into the lost Ancient Spiritual Mysteries of Life. It was a journey, which brought him the inner peace that he had for so long been searching for.

     At the end of his ninth year he was physically and spiritually focused on living with the inner peace from his heart like a Balinese. At that time he returned to America and met Pam.

Jero Mangku Kabayan

Ancient Wisdom Keeper,

Balinese Healer, Priest

Kabayan's Wisdom

Let the energy of life be your guide

as you live in the flow

you will be at peace.

     Pamela Cooper, RN, CHTP — as a nurse Pam always viewed her patients from a holistic perspective.  She left her role as Director of Nursing Services in 1998 to begin her healing practice. She is certified in Healing Touch and incorporates Mind Body Spirit concepts as a major part of her practice and life.

     Pam has explored many forms of healing and has worked with indigenous healers, which has helped to broaden her perspective of healing.  She was attracted to the Native American ways where she met Grandfather Bear Heart.  He guided her on two vision quests and initiated her as a leader of ceremonies and healing.

     In her practice she helps others to find peace and healing by integrating traditional and non-traditional modalities of healing the Mind-Body-Spirit. As a natural teacher and healer Pam has helped David develop the Magic Heart model of healing and transformation that opens the path of peace for others..

Grandfather Bear Heart

1900 - 1900

Native American Medicine Man

Grandfather's Wisdom

Our journey on earth

is to learn to love.

It is easy to love the lovable.

Or journey is to learn

to love the unloveable

Photos Bali - 2015