The Magic Heart

Becoming A LightHouse of Love

     In 1957 David was in the U. S. Coast Guard stationed at this lighthouse  for a year.

     The experience showed him that a lighthouse needs a good foundation. To which he adds, "and do human lighthouses."

We came to Earth

to become


     We arrive as pure spiritual beings and are given a physical body and a mind to play out the journey of learning to love again as a physical spiritual being of love and light.

     The first two stages are the journey away form God and the light of the Creator's love. For only by fully exploring the stress and darkness of the first two mental-physical stages of life where the peace we seek is always in the distance under the control of another, we finally reach the pont where we say , "Is this all there Is. There's gotta be another way."

     With the giving up of the struggle to God. Instantly the peace that passes all understanding fills us and our life. We then realize that we had to go through the struggle of the darkness of judgements and  fears of life. For only then can we fully understad the beauty and perfection of living in the unity and light of oneness with all of nature and God.

     This new physical-spiritual manifestation of the light of creation within us is similarly to becoming  a lighthouse of love. We now realized that our journey is to simply live in harmony with the energy of life and to let our light of Divine Love shine.

     The radiance of our love of Creation will help those who see the light to remember who they are and why they came to earth. Immediately their light will begin to shine more brightly.

     If those who see our light choose to enter the harbor of peace, the garden of Eden on Earth this is okay. If they continue to sail on by that to is okay. For a lighthouse does not look for ships to save, it simply keeps maintaining it's light and letting it shine.


     In time the stepping stones will become the foundation for the lighthouse of love that you came to earth to be.

The Journey of

Becoming a Lighthouse of Love

     If you are seeking peace it is clear that your old way is not the way, our you would not still be seeking.

     It is time to remember that everything in the unIverse is created from the same energy from the same source — God.

     Everything in the universe operates in balance with the energy of life except humans.

     To find inner peace all we have to do is to let the energy of life be our teacher and guide and we will be in balance.

How to always respond in Love.

     When fear is in your face remember it's only energy.

     Center and ground yourself as you reach out and put your arms around the fear.

     Let the love from your Magic Heart flow down your arms and fill the energy of fear with love free of all judgements.

     Bring the transformed energy into your Magic Heart and give it up to God to resolve.

     With the releasing of the fear inner peace will arrive.

     As you remain in this state of inner peace a loving resolution to the situation will be manifested.

     Each time you respond in love your light will become brighter. If you do not respond in love your light will become darker.

     When you always respond with love you will arrive at the gate to the garden of eden on earth and you will be invited in.

     In the garden as you continue to respond in love you will simply continue to move deeper into the ancient mystery of love and life.

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The key

Universal Principle of Life

     Tithing — with our thoughts  words and actions we created our personal universe. Thus we have a choice.

     Give love to others and love will be returned ten fold.

     Give anger and fear and that too will be returned ten fold.

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God, the energy of creation,

      is the Master Lighthouse

          in our life and the universe.

              When we sail in harmony

                   with the energy of life

                       we are at peace and

                            our life is filled with

                                  golden miracles.



Centering and check in.


     *     Lighthouse built on foundation of love and compassion


     •     Foundation -


     The journey of enlightenment - give up duality

     The path of peace is an inner path.     


     *     Role to shine your light without judgement

     *     Keep the lens clean

     *     Forgiveness

     *     Letting go of judgements



*Rocks in new formation creating an inner chamber

*Surrounding rocks are the stumbling blocks that have been transformed into stepping stones

*The stepping stones have brought you to where you are now to your new doorway.

Honor the directions with holy water

Ring in the energy

Blessing of the crown and feet

Candle at the heart

Light the candle at the alter