The Magic Heart

Everything in the universe is created from the same energy from the same source — God. All energy is in constant movement to maintain balance. Everything lives in harmony of the energy of life and creation...except people.

      In the mid 70's David was caught in a divorce from his first wife. Everyone was telling him what he was doning wrong. but no one cold tell him how to change.

    As a blue water sailor David understood the principle of sailing in harmony with the energy of life. His wonderment was what are the principles of life that will all him to live in harmon y with his intimate partner and all the other people in his life?

     So he set off on his quest to find the principles for human life with the belief that when he found and lived in harmony with them his life and relationships would be of peace.

     Twenty years later, thought the process of trial and error, he published the principles that worked as the Ten Universal Principles for Human Life and Relationships. In re-publishing them on this site, Pam and David both agree they really work.


     —The driving force of mankind,  the healing force of mankind and the creative force of mankind.

     The lowest forms of love are conditional love which is greed based, for it is applied to what it is that you desire; a person, place or thing. Unconditional love is judgemental for it says I forgive you even through what you did was wrong. Sex is the merging of two bodies.

     The highest form of love is compassion. No action required. It simply flows forth like the fragrance of a flower.

     Divine love is in between the two. It is free of the duality and fear of judgements. When one has the ability to open ones's self to another it allows their souls to merge.


     — Through union with God all things are created.

     Whatever we hold in our minds to be true and continually give energy to, God will receive as a message of what we wish for in our lives. God will take the energy of our thoughts and physically manifest them onto the mirror of our personal inner universe.

     Negative thoughts will create physical, negative manifestations. Positive thoughts create physical, positive manifestations. Wants are ego driven. Needs are love driven. We must be careful what, and how, we ask for something, for we just might receive it.

     When we let go of our wants God will bering us what we need for our growth and journey on our inner path of peace.


     — Everything in the universe is created from the same energy from the same source - God.

     All energy is in constant motion to maintain balance. Energy of all of nature is in balance except for the energy of people. The energy of people is always out of balacne for people think they know best and try to be in charge of their lives.

     All emotions are composed of two frequencies — peace/love and fear. Two different frequencies cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

     Our mind can only hold one thought at a time. Whatever thought is in our mind will automatically be reproduced. The key to bringing peace and love into our life is the fears that we hold inside us. They must be removed from our being before we can find the balance and oneness of peace and in turn divine love.

Cycles and Patterns

     — are the primary structures of all energy of life.

     Human life with its emotional relationships, because they are often fear based, is like riding a Ferris wheel with its circular patterns of highs and lows. This is because our unconscious focus is the orgasm of fear that produces stress, whereas the orgasm of love produces no stress.

     No one wants to get off at the top of a cycle. Thus when we reach the bottom it is to remind us that it is time to give up our fears to god and return to oneness and balance with the energy of life of which everything is created. The tendency is, once off, to hang on to our fears get back onto the same Ferris wheel, cycle, and pattern. Only the faces have changed.

     The only things that we can control is how long we stay stuck in the ruts at the bottom before we drop to our knees and give it all up to God. God them will open the inner path of peace for us to walk .

Masculine and Feminine Aspects

— are present within each physical spiritual being.  Their balance or imbalance creates our reality.

     We are created from, and hold within us, the energy of yin and

yang—female and male. The left side of the body is the feminine—open and receptive. The

right side of the body is the masculine—projecting and doing.

     There are also three basic masculine and feminine personalities within the psyche of each man and woman; the child, the adult, and the elder. The child and adult also have many sub-aspects.

     The key duality aspects are the warrior, which is fear based, and the lover, which is love based. The elder in both the man and woman is always balanced and love based.

When the masculine and feminine aspects are in balance and connected in oneness with the energy of life, God, we are on the path of inner peace.


     — To be in balance all of life must have two opposite equal sides or aspects.

     In our western world, things are classified as good and bad, rich and poor, fat and thin, black and white, I want and we need, and so on.

     These are all personally held mental beliefs, overlaid onto life with the resultant physical and spiritual realities. What appears good today might in fact be bad tomorrow and vice versa.

     In the natural realm of life, there is no judging of good or bad. Everything is simply energy manifested in different forms. Without judging, unity is created, for the opposites of the energy forms are in balance. At this time our life becomes balanced.


     — Everything in our outer world is a reflection of what is occurring in our inner world.

     Our inner world communicates in symbols, not words, for it is non-mental. If the symbols of our outer day, awake dream time world are not decoded and acted upon, they will appear in our night, sleep dream time world. This gives us two dream time mirrors to show us the messages of what we need to change to bring Divine Love into our lives.


     — know the truth and the truth will set you and everyone free.

     The real Truth is written with a capital T and has three distinct characteristics. First it is always about the seeker and what he needs to do. Second it is an answer that he had never thought of before. Third everyone will smile and say it is the truth.

Fourth the truth comes from the heart not the mind.  For the mind has endless chatter and blame without forward movement. when the message is from the heart it is one of two words and has the energy of forward movement.


      — What one give away will be returned ten fold.

     The energy principle of tithing says that what I give to another with my thoughts words and action will be returned ten fold. When I give fear, fear is returned.,When I give love free of judgements that to is returned.

The key is that it is not returned by the person you give it to but by others who are attracted to the energy of tithing that is projecting out from you.

     This makes this Principle the most powerful for it manifests everything that comes into your life.


     — Is the path to love and the circle is complete.

     On the mental journey of separation from God, life is for taking. The result is emotional dis-ease. If the shift is not made back to God as our focus the dis-ease will become physically manifested in a physical disease and possibly an early death.

     Three stages of forgiveness. step on is to forgive the other person for the pain that they have inflected o you. the second step is to ask them to forgive you for the anger you have protected at them.

Compassion is . . .

the highest form of divine love. It's like the fragrance of a flower, no action required for the giving or the receiving.

Sex is the merging of two bodies. Divine love is the merging of two souls.

No matter the question, love is the only answer.


People are Gods flowers. Each blooms forth the beauty of  who they are, at the perfect time, God's time.




Like the flower we each are the perfect reflections of the love of God's creation.

With forgivness the tears washes the soul clean for a new beginning.

The Truth is always about the seeker and no one is ever hurt by the action of the