The Magic Heart


     In most ancient and aborigines cultures they marked their journey through life on earth as having four stages. The length of time spent in each stage varies with each person. In the past, life spans were shorter. In present day, life spans are increasing.

     In addition many do not move linearly through the stages. Some stay longer in a stage while others stay a shorter time in one stage then another. Many bounce back and forth between the different stages. Few complete the journey through all four of the stages of life in a single life time.


Stage One — Student

     Begins at birth and moves through adolescence to about age 21.

     We arrive as pure spirit and are given a physical body. It is the time of learning the basics of getting our needs met and becoming a part of the collective of which we were born into.

     Because we have forgotten we are spiritual we move into the state of fear and duality with judgements as we struggle to have our needs met and to fill that empty void in our sole.

Stage Two — Parent, Teachers, Protector

     Begins around age 21 and lasts till around the late 50’s.

     This is the time of procreation and raising the family. In addition it is also about caring for those is stages one, three, and four.  

      The focus is on becoming a mental physical being operating mostly from the duality of fear and struggle to bring peace into our life  for what we seek is in the outer world, often at a point of time in the future and under the control of another person.  

     As mental spiritual beings we fully experience all the mental and physical aspects of life such as death, birth, love, linear time, sex, intimacy, as well as the full rang of emotions and experiences.

      This stage continued till one day the struggle become overwhelming and we ask the magical question, 'Is this all there is? No matter how successful I become when I receive that which we sought, I find I are still not happy, for the empty void in my soul is still empty.'

     At this point in time we either move into the third state of life or simply stop the struggling as we learn how to cope as a victim with life, till it is time to return home with God.

Sand earth and water  VS the rock

Stage Three — Meaning of Life

     Begins in the early to late 50's and last until the mid 70's.

         It is the time to give up all our fears of duality and judgements of the mental physical path, as we open and discovere that the path of peace is an inner path to oneness with God, which instantly filles that empty void in our soul.

     When we reach the point where we always respond with love, free of all fears and judgements for all of life, we arrive at the forth stage of life.

     To learn more about the path back to the garden . . .

Stage Four — The Garden

     Begins in the mid 70' and last till you leave.  

     When you have been stripped of all your fears and live each day in the the state of inner peace even though the world around you is filled with chaos, you will be at the gate of the Garden. The gate will be open and you will be invited in.

     Once in the Garden all you needs will be provided for you often even before you know that were you needs. In the Garden your role is to continue to create a deeper connection to the mystery of life — God and to share the wisdom our inner your journey back to the Garden with others, who ask, to help make their journey easier.

     Te learn more about the Garden . . .


Looking Back

     As we move through the third and into the forth stage we begin to understand who we are,why we are here, for we are beginning to do what we came to earth to do. One of the early awareness is that we realized that the many so called stumbling blocks of our life were in fact stepping stones that kept us moving along the path of our spiritual growth.

     With this awareness we begin to move into the unity of oneness with nature and God. This helps us to understand a deeper meaning of the first and second stages of life with their the mental model of duality and fear that does not bring peace or fill that empty void in our soul.

     Another awareness is that when we respond to events in fear it creates more fear. When we give up our fears and judgments to God to resolve it creates love filled events that fill our needs, the miracles of life. This then fills that empty void in our soul that has bee there since our birth. We are now back home with God without having to die.


Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy my site.

In the silence of nature, I can hear God speaking to me.

Thank you God for the gift of a life time

on this beautiful planet called earth

as part of this mystical universe.

Thank you God  for my sacred journey

of learning to love again,

into a fully embodied

physical spiritual

being of love

and light.

God is Nature

            Nature is God.

A dream is only a dream till you let go the fears stop talking it and

begin to walk it.


            STAGES OF LIFE