The Design

Why we came to earth.

What we came to do.

How to do it.

The Design

                                              by David G. Cooper

     As a spiritual being standing in the realm between realms the silent question in my heart was, Are you ready? Feeling into the message was like feeling into the peace and oneness of the essence of God. As a spiritual being whenever a question is asked there is only one answer. Yes, I’m ready!

     With my response, the energy shifted and the vale thinned allowing me to see a continuous flow of spiritual being descending from the realm between realm to earth. Arriving on earth they each began to take on a physical form.

The vale thinned even more. It was as if the doors to the ancient library open and I was invited in. Arriving in the great hall all the wisdom of the universe that was encoded within me began to awaken in me.

     With the awakening the secrets of our journey to earth were reviled. Everything in the universe is created from the same energy from the same source -- God. As spiritual being we live in the state of oneness with God and all of life. Our journey to earth is to create the opportunity to become a fully empowered physical spiritual being who also always lived in the state of peace and oneness with God and all of life.

     Feeling into the essence of the message it took on the appearance of this is our destiny which we were created to fulfill.

     Looking closely at the design as it was being played out on earth sadness filled my heart. It appeared that my spiritual brothers and sisters, were creating conflict and pain in my life, as well as in the life of one another. In watching the design play out, it also appeared that my actions were causing me to be in pain as well as creating pain for my spiritual brothers and sisters.

     I opened my heart to God, as my fears and endless questions flowed forth:

               Why must we hurt one another?          

                    We are spiritual brothers and sisters.

                         We all are created from the energy of Divine love of God.

                              Why must we become human?

                                   Why must being human mean living in pain?

                                        Why did we forget how to always love divinely.

     Again the vale thinned as the essence of God increased around me as the silent truth from my heart sprang forth.

They are asleep.

     The energy shifted once again and the keys to our destiny were played out again to lock them in the inner chamber of our hearts. The wisdom continued to flow to those who were gathered there. We come to earth to learn how to live as a spiritual being in the state of Divine love with a physical, mental and emotional body and the will to choose all our actions.

     You have been given a physical body with a mind and heart. This is why you have the gift of will to allow you to explore the mental physical path of life. To experience all the emotions of being physical, one must, for a time, separate from the spiritual path of God and walk the mental path of duality and fear in search of the inner peace which we had a pure spiritual being.

     When we have fully explored the mental the pain is intense for what we focused on we created more of in our life. Gradually the pain of the sturrlg to find inner peace become so intense that

     When all emotions have been physically experienced you will realize that you have not found inner peace.

and the journey back to God will begin . . . the physical spiritual path of peace and oneness of the heart.

     We then remember as we awaken and shift to the path of our destiny and peace and whole ness arrives instantly

     The message from God that flowed into my heart was,     

          As spiritual being you have learned how to live in peace and oneness from your hearts.

          As spiritual beings there is no concept of time or procreation.

          As spiritual beings you can not experience physical birth, touch, anger, joy, love, laughter, sadness fear, and physical death.

          It is time to go to earth as a physical spiritual beings and learn on to live in the same state of oneness with all of life.

          It is time to learn to live and experience life as a physical spiritual beings.

     All beings on earth are equal to one another, no matter their current path or role in the Design.  Each is simply carrying out a special assignment from God.Each has a specific assignment is vital to the completion of the roles in life. Nor is one person on earth more spiritual than another; It is only a degree of each person’s state of awakening to the design. Those who are asleep are just as important as those who are awake

     Remember when there is pain in your life it is because you are on the path away from God.

     Remember to shift your thoughts and actions one hundred eighty degrees and you will shift from the path of duality and pain to the path of divine love, peace, and oneness with God and all of life

     At this point in the design, it became clear that by ending the pointing finger at another we could see that the physical spiritual beings reflecting back the pain are truly angels of God.

     They have been given the more difficult task for they must continue to reflect back the pain until the ones receiving the pain awaken and remember the design. Only through the process of total divine forgiveness and love of all people including ourself involved in one’s life can one be fully awakened and return to living in the garden.

     A feeling of peace and understanding came over all who were gathered in the room. All saw the conclusion of the design. There was to be no mass destruction of the Earth. The big shift as Earth moved into the 21st century was not an Earth shift. It was simply a shift in consciousness, from the duality and judgments of the mental head  to the unity and oneness of the spiritual divine heart.

     In watching the design being played out it became clear that we each picked our parents and later our partners and friends who would begin to reflect back to us the pain that we carry in the patterns that were locked in our bodies from before our birth. This would give us our key opportunity to forgive, and then to love again, thereby remembering the design.

     To make certain that the design was locked in our hearts the key to awakening was repeated for all who were preparing to descend to Earth. There would be no betrayal or abandonment of anyone and no physical, mental and/or sexual abuse of anyone.

     These were all simply events and illusions that had been created for each of us to draw to us the emotional and physical pain that is an outer reflection of the inner patterns stored in our the cells of bodies. When the struggle and dis-ease become so intense that we are unavle to find peace we will begain to awaken and remember our desting and the desigh that we are a aprt of.

     At that moment we sihft form the path of duality away form god and onto the path of unity

     These events would allow each physical spiritual being an opportunity to remember the design and to learn to totally love all of life with out judgements even if surrounded by a world in chaos.

     The energy in the room shifted again. This time each spirit gathered there felt the unasked questions being posed to them.

     Do you agree to play your part in the design?  

         Do you know your free will allows you to follow or not follow the design?  

              Do you know either option that you take on Earth is part of the design?

                    Being aware of the design the response was

                                        “Yes! We are ready.”

     One by one we left the realm of departure and awoke as part of the family of our selected parents. Arriving on earth as each day passed the design became simply a dream that drifted farther and farther out of our consciousness--until it was forgotten.

               The journey of our separation had started.

                    The pain of betrayal and abuse began.

                         The design was unfolding.

     As we enter the 21st c. the energy has shifted from the head to the heart.

Now is the time to begin to awaken.

Now is the time to remember the design.

Now is the time to create the big shift.

The shift in consciousness from head to heart.

The shift is from separation to wholeness.

The shift is from me to we.

     And God’s message in my heart was,     

I   T      I   S      G   O   O   D.


     The struggles and the pain will increase till it is not possible to resolve it mentally or physically.  Only through awakening and remember that only God’s divie love can heal

     As if in response the energy shifted again and the design continue to unfold before me.

     We have been living as spiritual beings in the state of oneness  with God and all of life. We now have been given the gift of moving to the next stage of our creation. To become a fully empowered physical spiritual beings of the Divine light of love.

     As physical beings we will be able to experience linear time, as well as all the emotions and experiences of physicals such as birth, death, relationships, intimacy, anger, joy laughter.  All experiences that are not know to spiritual begins.

     In addition we will have the free will of choice as to what we do and how we do it.

     Shortly after arriving on earth we discover there is something missing and the search for that missing part begins. It take on many form the most common is love.  It begin with toys and another person which will make us feel whole.  However when we receive that which we are searching it soon looses it power to make us feel safe and loved and the search continues for a better toy of person that will make us feel whole, safe and loved.

     And the dance continues. As the struggle continues so does the blaming of others for what they did to did not do that has kept us from feeling whole.  Dis-ease sets in as the pain increases.  

     When the pain reaches a point where it is clear that the person suffering the pain can not resolve the situation one of three things will happen, They learn how to cope with the pain as then go deeper and deeper into it. Or the leave earth and return to that from which they came and are instantly healed and move into that beautiful state of oneness again.

     The third option is to awaken and remember the design and our destiny. When this occurs peace arrives and the struggle of duality end as we awaken and move into the Garden on earth as fully embodied physical spiritual beings of Divine love. From that moment on we live in the state of inner peace even thought we might still be surrounded by a sea of chaos.

     As spiritual being we always live in the state of Divine love from our hearts, with out judgements for all of life. It was now time to become a physical spiritual binging who would also operated in the state of Divine love without judgements of life no matter what would be happening.

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